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нет, те что слева два дети Dipifica а та что справа это ребенок Gideon Gleeful и Mabel Pines пейринг
эту бабу зовут gwen pines
тег автора mgx0

P: I’m… home?
G: Hi mommy
D: Hi honey, how was your day?
P: It was fine but… Dipper, what it’s all this?
D: Oh, I was only teaching gwen to play dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons.
P: Did you make this whole disaster for a board game?
D: It’s not a disaster, it’s all part of the game.
P: Where is the carpet?
D: In the kitchen
P: And the sofa?
D: In the kitchen
P: And the TV?
D: Everything is in the kitchen, don’t worry, we will put everything back in its place when we finish.
P: How much time you have left?
D: About 6 hours
(Pacifica takes out her phone)
P: I’m gonna call Mabel, she should know what to do with you two.
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